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Our Vision & Mission


At ECOTA, our vision extends beyond the forefront of technological innovation; we see a future where blockchain technology, combined with our profound expertise in ESG and CSRD consulting, acts as the cornerstone for a global shift towards sustainability and achieving net-zero emissions.

We aspire to build a world where industries, governments, and communities work in harmony, embracing regenerative practices and innovation for environmental preservation, social justice, and corporate transparency.


Through relentless collaboration, research, and education, we are committed to nurturing a culture of sustainability that empowers every individual and organization to make meaningful contributions. Our ultimate goal is to foster a resilient, inclusive, and flourishing global ecosystem, where the balance between economic growth and environmental stewardship paves the way for future generations to thrive.

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ECOTA is dedicated to revolutionizing the approach to environmental sustainability and corporate responsibility through the strategic use of blockchain technology. Our mission is to spearhead the development of decarbonization efforts and integrate CSR and ESG consulting into the core of businesses and governments worldwide.


By leveraging our extensive network of experts and fostering research, education, and community engagement, we aim to shape effective policies and empower decision-makers. Our commitment extends to creating a platform that serves as a catalyst for innovative solutions, facilitating the transition towards a more sustainable and equitable future.


Through collaboration and thought leadership, we strive to drive meaningful change and enable industries and societies to adapt swiftly to the imperatives of climate change and sustainable development.

Meet The Team


Abdullah Melik Yildiz
Managing Director


Maximilian Rösgen
Managing Director

Jovan Milic.jpeg

Jovan Milic
Managing Director

Burak özgelen-Photoroom.png-Photoroom.png

Burak Özgelen
Board Member


Noah König
Strategic Advisor

Lucas Zaehringer.jpg

Lucas Zaehringer
Strategic Advisor

Cara Reuner.png

Cara Reuner
Executive Director


Lukas Fleege
Project Manager

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